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Final Caution

If you feel pains, suffer disease or injury or heavily smoke, you should consult a doctor before practicing sport.


Sport tips for potbelly treatment and strengthening abdomen muscles


Sport exercises in general provide body with elegant shape and improve health as well as resisting diseases and delays occurrence of senility. There are special exercises that can be performed to strengthen abdomen muscles along with reducing facts accumulated above abdomen, particularly that abdominal muscles are the first muscles to become weak and flabby. It is advisable that such exercises are performed under supervision by a specialist from the beginning in order to identify the right performance method. However, before starting such exercises, read these guidelines carefully. Consult a doctor before practicing exercises as they would have adverse result if not used properly.

  • Start any exercise slowly and then gradually increase the times of each exercise until you reach the specified number for each exercise.
  • Avoid practicing exercises immediately after meals. Preferably after 3 hours.
  • Maintain practicing warm-up exercises before basic ones as well as performing relaxation exercises at the end. What do warm-up exercises mean?

    Warm-up exercises are those preceding core exercises in order to prepare the body and abdomen muscles for performing greater and stronger effort and activity. What are suggested warm-up exercises prior to basic exercises for abdomen?

    There are several warm-up exercises that defer from person to another. Such exercises require 5-20 minutes.
  • Exercises for preparing abdomen and trunk muscles:
    • Standing up allowing distance between both legs with hands contacting thighs.
    • Lean to left with touching left side and return back.
    • Lean to right and then return to initial position.
    • It is necessary to maintain the head in straight position.
    • Repeat this exercise 8 times.

Sporting Tips for people with obesity

  • Sports should be practice gradually where we can start with 10 minutes per and then increase the duration gradually.
  • Avoid drinking cold and icy water while practicing sports.
  • Where cotton clothes and socks with light footwear during practice.
  • Practice sports sufficient time after meals, i.e. 3 hours.
  • Focus on exercises for strengthening abdominal muscles.
  • If you suffer any health problems in heart or joints or any other disease, consult your doctor before practice.

Sports and large belly treatment

Sport practice, irrespective its simplicity, in regular basis is vital and useful to achieve balance in body as it helps consume excess energy which, if not consumed, will accumulate as fats in the body.

Benefits of regular sport exercises include:

  • Enhance effective heart functions and improve blood circulation.
  • Enhance physical fitness and muscle consistency and improve digestion and sleeping process.
  • Improve lung potential for benefiting from oxygen.
  • Reduce overweight and assist with reducing cholesterol.
  • Maintain moderate level of sugar in blood.

To fully benefit from sport exercises, the following steps should be followed:

  • Select spacious appropriate place and comfortable clothing, preferably cotton garments.
  • Don't practice exercises if you are tired or immediately after meals.
  • It is necessary to consult a doctor if you complain of any disease or injury.
  • Exercise daily regardless how busy you are even if you reduce time allocated for exercise.
  • Practice exercises with serious and joyful spirit and mental concentration, preferably with some friends.
  • Don't be careless in performing exercises, rather you should exert effort and take deep breath between each exercise and the next one.
  • Stop exercise if you feel dizziness or difficulty in breathing and practice breathing and relaxation exercises, particularly at the end of training.
  • Maintain the back straight in every exercise as this is very important for the abdomen to return back to normal position.
  • Ensure that you perform exercises in the right position in order not to cause troubles and injuries as result of wrong position. Therefore, it is preferred to be accompanied by a specialist even at the beginning.
  • Don't exaggerate in abdomen exercise only because this would result in its weakness as adverse result.
  • Record your weight every three days before breakfast to know extent of benefit.
  • Outdoor exercises are important for burning calories, improve efficiency of heart, lungs and blood circulation system and reduce belly such as walking in quick pace, riding fixed bicycles, swimming, walking and rope jumping.
  • It is preferred to make extension "stretching" for body muscles after any exercise.
  • Ground exercises should be on plain surface such as exercising carpet or mats.
  • If you feel some pain in muscles and joints after exercising in the next day, this is normal and can be treated using warm water with cup of salt for 10 minutes with massaging the painful muscle.
  • Drink plenty of beverages when practicing sports in hot weather, preferably drinking sips of moderate water during break times.
  • Reduce effort and perform deep breathing exercises if sudden pain occurs during running or in case of violent exercises.
  • Moderately cold water can be drunk before and after exercises, but don't take too much.
  • It is preferred to perform exercises before mirror.

Tips for the whole day

  • First: wake up early and practice your sport in free exercises or using equipment, preferably in outdoor area or in carefully designed health club in terms of air filtration and sun penetration in order to enjoy ozone (O3) that realizes high rate of antioxidants and prevents many diseases including but not limited to flu and cancer diseases.
  • Second: take adequate breakfast, i.e. tasty meal consisting of normal nutrition rates for you through which you can identify volume of calories you need to moderately consume throughout your day in good manner without causing obesity. Moderate meal usually consists of 55% carbohydrates, 15% fats, 30% proteins.
  • Third: go to your work and check your chair for suitability for your joints and its flexibility in preparing your body for right positions while performing duties.
  • Fourth: when you return from work, quickly take shower within 30 minutes. Shower water should be as follows: 10 minutes for hot water and 5 minutes for cold water and so on until the time ends.
  • Fifth: take the delicious lunch meal that you wish but within level of required calories. Don't sleep directly after lunch as you can walk and play with your children according to your capability.
  • Sixth: diligently practice your sports if you did not perform the same in morning time.
  • Seventh: take dinner meal at least 1-2 hours before sleeping. This meal should be free from fats and carbohydrates.
  • Eighth: before sleeping practice any type of light sports to activate blood circulation that will slow down during sleeping for 8 hours.
  • Ninth: before any exercise or sport, be attention to your security and safety factors including clothing, hygiene, clean location, sporting equipment, sport type, extent of your skill in practicing sport, trainers for practicing sports.
  • Tenth: sound judgment concerning sports and practice where you should finish the same in the same condition as you started it, i.e. non-occurrence of severe pain or fatigue except for slight changes that might occur with no pain and don't force you to change your lifestyle with respect to sleeping or inability to walk after practicing sports. If this happens, inform the sport specialist of the same to avoid overloaded exercises.