It means stimulation of body muscles for growing through the right sport exercises and then feeding and relaxing such muscles so that this sport results would be evident after minimum period of six months. This sport is intended to increase body strength and augment the muscle mass of the body which would result in improving muscle shape.

Basic Rules for Body Building:

  • Exercising
  • Nutrition
  • Rest


Exercising: First: Exercising: Exercising is intended to stimulate muscular cells to grow in order to adapt to muscle effort exerted on them. Exercising in body building sport is defined as creating a process of flexion and extension of muscle with frequency: more than 120.

Body building trainee needs modern sporting equipment to practice this sport. Platinum Health Clubs provide the trainees with all requirements for such equipment from renowned specialized brands such as GYM 80, Life Fitness, Daved, Star Trac, Hummer Stkength.

Such equipments are available at large area inside the clubs with high numbers to provide convenience and good service to trainees.


Nutrition :
It is intended to:

  • Supply muscular cells with necessary substances for building them and compensate metabolism process.
  • Supply human body with energy and vigor to assist it with exercising process. What is the suitable nutrition? Take five integrated meals containing proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and healthy fats.


Rest :
Adequate rest periods during which new cells are arranged in body and internal building process is better than any time. What are the proper rest times for normal body?

  • Minimum 8 hour sleeping per day;
  • Rest days in the course of the exercising program. Common mistakes in bodybuilding include feeling of frustration by fresh trainees and failure to continue because of professionals in athletic facilities. They don't recognize that this sport is developed over years and that those professionals started from a level far below their level. Therefore, they should be patient and serious in exercising. Further, using hormones to stimulate muscles and not sufficing with exercising would cause dysfunction in the vital functions of the body.

    This type of sport is coached by world champions and trainers with wide experience and high efficiency.