Fighting arts mean the use of the body under mind control and feeling of self or spirit.

This combination is found in all ancient and modern fighting arts. Furthermore, we find the fighter or trainee fighting with their hands and foot in stable steps under control and supervision coming from their mind as well as control of emotions and control over angles of their fighting personality and the competitor's personality in order to attain fighting and ethical goals. This comes with peak sense of confidence, capability and self confidence that a fighter or a trainee gains from learning fighting arts and is covered with good morals and mutual respect between strong and the weak and appreciation of science, knowledge and experience.

This is because fighting arts are not only the art of fighting others but also the art of self-control and supporting the wronged people, if necessary. Fighting arts are also intended to build the personality internally and externally and are not confined to the training facility only.

Therefore, the fighter practicing fighting arts should have single character inside and outside exercising demonstrating morals, control, assisting others and supporting justice. We provide this comment because many people think that fighting arts are the use of force and showoff or consider them as some kind of violence and physical aggression. However, fighting arts are far away from these stereotypes as we do not only learn fighting, its techniques and art of engagement and self defense, but also we learn fighting and knight morals and respect others by self-respect.

Types of fighting arts available in Platinum Health Clubs:

  • Kung fu
  • Karate
  • Kick Boxing
  • Taekwondo
  • Aikido
  • Jujitsu
  • Kajukenbo
  • Max March Art Training for this sport is provided by world champions and trainers with extensive experience and high efficiency such as: Capt. Muneer Jarcus, Capt. Wadeie Baalabaki, Capt. Badr Al-Khaldi, Capt. Abbas Sadiqi, Capt. Ahmed Al-Attar, Capt. Atef Ben Mubarak, Capt. Mohamed Malak, Capt. Mohamed Al-Busairi.