Message is defined as massage based therapy. It is a combination of science and art and provides relaxation experience with technical manual movements in order to rejuvenate mind and body and eliminate tension in practical manner.

Massage concept is deep-rooted throughout the history as it is one of oldest Chinese therapy techniques which have been known for thousands of years and receive growing interest nowadays. Massage involves many health and psychological benefits including:


  • Removal of moisture and coldness from the body.
  • Elimination of back, shoulders, joints and neck pain.
  • Distribution of fats to eliminate cellulite.
  • Massage is used in treatment of certain paralysis and sterility cases.
  • Alleviation of severe stress.
  • Relaxation of muscles.Relaxation of muscles.
  • Increase of blood flow and stimulation of blood circulation.


Type of Massage Membership Branches
Massage Face 1 Hour Member Metro Member Salmiya
Massage General 60 Minutes  Member Salmiya
Massage Shiatzu 60 Min/Massage Cupping 60 Min Member Salmiya
Massage Accupuncture 60 Min Member Salmiya
Massage Accupuncture 60 Min Member Kaifan
Massage Muscle Relax 30 Minutes/Massage Foot 30 Minutes/Massage Back Pain 30 Minutes/Massage Hot Stone 30 Minutes  Member Kaifan
Massage Accupuncture 30 Minutes Member Kaifan Member Kaifan
Weight Loose Session 60 Min/Massage Sports 60 Min/Massage Full Body Relaxation 60 Min/Massage Reflexology 60 Min/Massage Special Back 60 Min/Massage Thai 60 Min/Massage Stone 60 Min/Massage Shiatzu 60 Min/Chinese Massage Cup Air 60 Min Member Sharq
Massage Californian 60 Min Member Sharq
Aspecial Program for Arthopolic and Rehabilitaion Member Water Member Sharq
Massage Body Relax(30 min) Member Messilah
Massage Body Relax(1 Hour) Member Messilah
Massage Full Body Relaxation 30 Minutes  Member Kaifan-Sharq
Weight Loose Physiotherapy 12 Lessons  Member Kaifan-Sharq
Massage Program 12 Sessions  Member Kaifan-Sharq