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Diet and movement tips for burning fats

Hormones have significant impact on distribution of fats throughout the body. This means that fat allocation in the body is caused by hormones. Any disorder in the body is caused by imbalance in hormones due to several factors including fatigue, psychological troubles, inadequate sleeping and bad diet habit result in overweight. However, fats can be concurrently burned through hormones and hence attain ideal and normal body.

There are basic guidelines to achieve balance between hormones and fat burning according to fats shape, distribution and concentration in the body, which is called H-factor meaning control of hormone specific to each person as per fat concentration in their body. Here, the following diet and sporting test should be followed:

  • Fat depositing at upper arms:
  • This means inhibition of GUCAGON hormone while increasing levels of this hormone will help the body use fats as source of energy.

    Diet tips: take low fats, proteins and carbohydrates such as boiled eggs, toasted bread, skimmed or low fat milk.

    Sporting tips: perform sporting movements targeting upper arms such as rowing.

  • Fat depositing in middle of the body
  • The hormone responsible for fat concentration in waist and abdomen region is the insulin, which causes fat depositing in cells.

    Diet tips: take bread and macaroni made of brown flour, oat and legumes along with reducing white bread, potato and soft drinks.

    Sporting tips: practice sports for the entire body such as rowing, running and swimming in addition to special exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles.

  • Fat depositing at buttock, hunches and thighs
  • The responsible hormone in this area is estrogen which has strong effect on fat distribution, particularly for young females.

    Diet tips: take unprocessed foods with moderate good protein and fat contents such as nuts and other vegetarian foods that can also contribute to estrogen balance.

    Sporting tips: here you need to practice sports for distributing fats in balanced manner throughout the entire body such as cycling and steady pace walking in addition to performing exercising focusing on buttock and thighs.