The word Sauna is derived from Finnish language origin. This term is sometimes used to indicate hot wet environment. Sauna is a small wooden fireproof cabinet equipped with temperature and time controls.

Important guidelines:

  • Take medium temperature shower along with wetting the whole hair and do not dry it before entry.
  • Don't enter the Sauna room wearing any plastic footwear.
  • During initial time inside Sauna, you should first sit on ground seat and then on the upper seat.
  • After going out of Sauna, wait for 2-3 minutes and then take shower immediately with hands placed open on head to allow water flow indirectly on the head.
  • After going out of Sauna, immediately compensate the water the body lost by drinking beverage or juice, preferably water.
  • Promptly go out of the Sauna if you feel dizziness or nausea.
  • Don't move or rub the body strongly while sitting in Sauna in order not to leave scars on the body.
  • Don't perform any kind of exercise in order to avoid adding more heat to the body.
  • Don't overset temperature because this may cause burns to the body.
  • Don't over-extend the duration of sitting in Sauna as this would affect the head, hair and other body organs.
  • Sauna may not be used by patients with heart disease, pregnant women and the elderly.

Sauna Benefits:

  • Stimulate blood circulation, particularly for those who sit for long time.
  • Relieve pain resulting from violent sport exercises.
  • Help body discharge harmful substances as it opens sweating pores.
  • Motivate skin and melt fats.


Steam :

Steam room or steam bath is of two types: the old one is standard room where pipes are installed on its walls emitting steam throughout the room. This type was commonly used by Turkish and Cham countries. The modern type is available in various shapes and sizes with state-of-art technologies and equipment.

Important guidelines:

  • Take medium temperature shower (not cold) before entering the steam room.
  • Steam temperature should be reasonable inside the room.
  • Sit calmly and don't make any movements inside the room.
  • Keep your foot away from hot steam source in order not to sustain burns.

Steam Room Benefits:

  • Help joints smoothly move and soften.
  • Assist curing respiratory system diseases, particularly nasal blocking.
  • Moisturize body and skin

Steam room precautions:

  • It is prohibited for heart and blood pressure patients.
  • Children are not allowed to enter steam room..
  • It is prohibited for people with skin disease and burns.