Squash is one of the most outstanding games worldwide. Therefore, Platinum Clubs pay attention to make this game available in its facilities.

Squash (racket):

It is English game that became known in 19th century in London and then spread to the whole world. It was played with racket bats and then emerged as independent sport in 1890. The first championship for professionals was held in 1920 in England.

Squash Game:

Squash sport is practiced in closed four sided court with two players. It involves great effort and high skills to hit back the rapid ball. Each player uses a racket made of special tissue or black carbon used in manufacturing pencils. The ball is made of rubber and hollow. Each player should follow the ball after bouncing from any of the four walls provided that it should not be bounced twice.

Squash Court:

Squash court dimensions are 9.750mm long, 6.40mm wide and maximum height of 5.640mm. The court can be ceiled or open and the court flooring is made of wood. The game is played by hitting the ball against the wall provided that it should be a distance of 43.2 cm from the ground, which is identified by 4.3mm wide barrier. If the ball touches the barrier, the point will be scored in favor of the competitor. The player serving the first ball has the right to two balls per point.

The score:

The game consists of 3 or 5 rounds as designated by the champion organizers. Each round comprises 9 points where the player who scores 9 points before his competitors will be the round winner except upon calling for draw (8-8) for the first time where the receiver may elect, prior to serving the next shot to him, to extent the round to 10 points. In such case, the winner will be the player who finish the scores 2 points above such draw, known as (set two) or to 9 points which is known as (set one). In both cases, such receiver should indicate his selection to the registrar, referee and competitor whereupon the registrar will call set one or set two before continuing the game.

Coaching in squash is conducted by international champions and trainers with extensive experience and high efficiency such as captain Azam Khan, Capt. Omar Abdul Salam and Capt. Sheraz Haneef.


Lessons Membership Branches
Squash Private Lesson /45 min/ Member Member Messilah
Squash 1 Month 12 Lessons With Captain/Member Member Messilah
Private Lesson 45 Min Member Mahboula-Sharq-Kaifan-Salmiya
Full 12 Lessons 1 Month Member Mahboula-Sharq-Kaifan-Salmiya