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Al-Nawadi Holding launches "3ash!"

23 February 2021

Al-Nawadi Holding Company (Al-Nawadi), a leader in the Health Clubs, Real Estate, and Restaurants Industry, announced the launch of its "3ash!!" campaign. The campaign aims to spread awareness and shed light on some of the inspirational individuals in the community and share their success stories, especially within the health and fitness sectors.

Within the "3ash!" initiative’s framework, Al-Nawadi incorporates the humanitarian and patriotic acts witnessed by the Kuwaiti citizens and residents, in battling the effects of the pandemic, locally and across the world. In this perspective, Al-Nawadi would like to recognize all those who contributed to the community during this difficult period through its "3ash!” campaign. The objective of this initiative is to thank and appreciate all those who have sacrificed and continue to do so for the sake of the nation.

It also highlights the role of positivity, preserving health, and promoting a successful, healthy lifestyle in various sectors, In line with Al-Nawadi’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

On the same level, the initiative does not neglect the role played by everyone who participates in the frontlines and the difficulties they face to serve the community and ensure the safety of the nation as a whole.

The launch of this initiative coincides with Kuwaits national holidays, which drawback from a history of both successful and challenging times. Additionally, the National Day signifying inspiration with forms of joy and pleasure to the Kuwaiti locals and its residents.

On this occasion, Amr Hasan, Marketing director at Al Nawadi Holding co. said: “ “3ash!! ” initiative, launched during the same period as the national holiday celebrations, aims to send a message of gratitude, appreciation, and support to all those that played a role in protecting our nation. Also, in line with its business model relating to Health Clubs Management, especially since the term "3ash!" is usually used as a motivational gesture for athletes while performing their training and to praise their efforts.”

Hasan added, "The objectives of Al-Nawadi Holding Company, its subsidiaries and associates focus on utilizing the full capabilities of the group and the experience of its work team to serve the interests of the nation and our community, providing support, advice, and guidance to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle. Front-liners are not limited to doctors and policemen but extends to every member of society who contributed to the implementing the health guidelines and precautionary measure, to mitigate the risks and overcome this crisis."

He explains the need to shed light on the sectors, institutions, and individuals who sacrificed their work and responded to the nation’s call to close their commercial activities and projects in a way that supports the state’s directions towards eliminating the pandemic.

On a related note, Abdulaziz Amir, vice president - Health clubs at Al Nawadi indicated: “Many institutions are making more efforts to overcome this crisis. From this point of view, Al-Nawadi Company has been keen since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic to enhance its business model in line with the closure situation, by launching digital services and advanced platforms, allowing it to implement its sustainable strategy to improve a healthy lifestyle.”

Amir added: “Al-Nawadi Company fully adheres to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the national authorities regarding the closure of health clubs. It also applies social distancing standards and safety measures in its other sectors, which include health clubs, investment and commercial complexes, hotels, the food, and beverage sector, and sports equipment”.

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