Platinum Health Club Offers

20% Discount

20% Discount on the Gold and Platinum memberships (3 months - 6 months - 1 year) for the employees of:
  1. Ministry of Interior
  2. Ministry of Education
  3. Labour Syndicate Ministry of Electricity & Water
  4. Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs
  5. Ministry of Justice
  6. Kuwait National Guard
  7. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and subsidiaries (EMTAZ)
  8. Kuwait Society of Engineers
  9. Workers Trade Union of Social Affairs Ministry
  10. Labor syndicate of the ministry of communication
  11. Civil aviation labors union
  12. Workers Syndicate of the Public Authority for Manpower
  13. General Secretariat of the Municipal Council
  14. Automated systems company
  15. Workers Union in EQUATE PETROCHEMICALS Company

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